Commercial Services

Choose from our wide variety of commercial services to keep your vehicles running their best.

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Bodkins Enterprises helps keep your equipment running at its best with a complete line of commercial services including fleet services, farm services, and monthly onsite service monitoring. We are your one-stop auto and truck service headquarters – there when you need us with a complete line of quality tires, wheels, and automotive services.

Fleet Services
Aside from labor and fuel, tires are among the most significant expenses associated with fleet operations. Bodkins Enterprises offers commercial fleet services to keep your maintenance costs as low as possible. Our fleet services include:

  • On-site Service
  • Tire Repair
  • Tire Balancing

We offer a large selection of new tires, quality retreads, as well as new and reconditioned wheels and rims.

Farm Services
We serve all varieties of farm tires, including tires for combines, tractors, and wagons. We stock all repair items, tubes, and valves, as well as a full selection of models and sizes. 

For more information about commercial vehicle service, roadside assistance, farm services and industrial tires, contact us today at Bodkins Enterprises in Elkins, WV!

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